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You must be the homeowner on title in order to move forward. Either that, or you must have the written approval from the homeowner in order to get solar installed.

Qualified Home

We do a site survey to confirm that the home qualifies based on a number of factors ranging from roof quality to electrical setup and more.


We calculate this based on information from satellite imagery and the site inspection and provide a production guarantee with qualifying programs.

Go Solar in 6 Simple Steps

Stage 1

Design Stage

See what your system looks like

Stage 2

Site Survey

Find out if your home is approved

Stage 3


We get approval from the city to install

Stage 4


We install your panels

Stage 5

Final Inspection

Quality assurance inspections

Stage 6

Permission to operate

Utility inspection


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PPA / Lease

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We offer rates as low as 0.99% which beats virtually every option available across the board.

Your Energy Bill is Entirely too high. Solar Reduces Your monthly Cost immediately.

We generate a report for you based on your usage and how well your home is suited for solar.

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